DigiCert QuoVadis

End User Revocation Request Form

The QuoVadis Certificate Holders Agreement imposes certain duties and obligations on the users of QuoVadis Digital Certificates.  Certificate Holders have three options to request revocation:

  • Revoke their Certificate directly using Trust/Link Enterprise
  • Request revocation by contacting QuoVadis Support or their Trust/Link Administrator (where applicable). 
  • Request revocation using this form.

To revoke a Qualified or PKIoverheid certificate, please use Trust/Link Enterprise  or call 030-2324320. This form is not a formal revocation request.

* Name On Certificate
* Email Address on Certificate
Phone Number  
Revocation Pass Phrase  
Issuing Enterprise  
Issuer Authorising Person  
Issuer Authorising Person Phone  
* Reason For Revocation