DigiCert QuoVadis

SSL Problem Reporting

To revoke a Qualified or PKIoverheid certificate, please use Trust/Link Enterprise  or call 030-2324320. This form is not a formal revocation request.

This form may be used to report QuoVadis SSL certificates that appear to be inaccurate or are being misused. Causes for revocation by QuoVadis include:

  • Subscriber requests revocation of its SSL Certificate;
  • Subscriber indicates that the original SSL Certificate Request was not authorized and does not retroactively grant authorization;
  • QV obtains reasonable evidence that the Subscriber’s Private Key (corresponding to the Public Key in the SSL Certificate) has been compromised, or that the SSL Certificate has otherwise been misused;
  • QV receives notice or otherwise become aware that a Subscriber violates any of its material obligations under the Subscriber Agreement;
  • QV receives notice or otherwise become aware that a court or arbitrator has revoked a Subscriber’s right to use the domain name listed in the SSL Certificate, or that the Subscriber has failed to renew the domain name;
  • QV receives notice or otherwise become aware of a material change in the information contained in the SSL Certificate;
  • A determination, in QV’s sole discretion, that the SSL Certificate was not issued in accordance with the terms and conditions of QV’s Policies;
  • If QV determines that any of the information appearing in the SSL Certificate is not accurate.

Revocation may be instigated by the Subscriber, or by QuoVadis when QuoVadis obtains reasonable evidence that the SSL certificate is being used inappropriately. 

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