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KvK Signing Certificates for Export Documents

The KvK will use, as a (semi-) governmental organization, the PKI Overheid certificates. There are several options for the filing of export documents, including:

  • Export Data
  • Stratech
  • Descartes
  • oorsprongsdocumenten.nl
  • Stream Software
  • Riege Software
  • Fiton B.V.
  • Beurtvaartadres

Companies use the portal of an intermediary

Companies that use an intermediary to file their export documents can let their employees use a PKIoverheid Personal Signing certificate on a hard token or a soft certificate.  Both certificates have a maximum validity of 3 years. The soft certificate is on the employee's system, the hard-token can be plugged into multiple systems. If you want to request a new certificate, click on this page under the logo of your intermediary on the certificate you want to apply for.



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Stream Software 

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Bent u klant van Beurtvaartadres?